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Our Collection of Rosaries

8-mm Aqua Swarovski Crystal Rosary

Image of Rosary R1AQ51

Swarovski Crystal Rosary Collection

Rosaries with beautiful fully-leaded Swarovski crystal beads, available in 6-mm round beads, 7-mm round, 8-mm round or 6 x 9-mm oval beads. Crystal beads reflect light much better than regular glass beads and give an elegant look to rosaries. The rosaries featured in these pages are made of the famous Swarovski crystal beads.


8-mm Rose Quartz Rosary

Image of Rosary R2RQ71

Semi-precious Bead Rosary Collection

Some natural stones produce many shades of beautiful colors such as blue (lapis lazuli), red (carnelian), or green (green jade) due to a combination of different minerals. Some are transparent like quartz while others are earthy like jasper. Here we have collections of rosaries made of 6-mm round beads, 8-mm round beads, 10-mm round beads or a combination of 6-/8-mm beads.


8-mm Red Heart Glass Rosary

Image of Rosary R4RH72

Glass Bead Rosary Collection

While not as reflective as crystal, the easiness of molding and coloring gives glass beads a different edge. Faceted Czech glass beads are an inexpensive alternative to crystal beads and there are many varieties of shapes such as rounds, hearts and Shamrocks. Lampwork beads including Venetian glass beads are art made possible by delicate hand work of artisans. Though we have categorized glass bead rosaries according to bead size such as 6-mm, 8-mm and 10-mm, you may want to browse through all the categories to see what glass beads can accomplish. Of course, we have to give Venetian glass bead rosaries their own page since the beauty and skill required for making these hand-made beads separate these rosaries from many other glass bead rosaries.


7x9-mm Oval Black Cocoa Bead Rosary

Image of Rosary R5CB18

Wood Bead Rosary Collection

Wood beads make light and simple rosaries. Round wood bead rosaries include rosaries made of smooth or carved olivewood and rosewood. Traditional rosaries such as cocoa bead rosaries are in the oval wood bead rosary page.


6~7-mm White Freshwater Pearl Rosary

Image of Rosary R7PR5W

Freshwater Pearl Rosary Collection

Freshwater pearls are light and have a warm luster, which makes these rosaries beautiful and light. Their colors vary from white to peach and mauve. Though not as elegant as seawater pearls, they are less expensive alternatives.


7-mm Sterling Silver Bead Rosary

Image of Rosary R7SS57

Metal Bead Rosary Collection

Precious metal beads such as Sterling silver or gold-filled beads also make traditional rosaries. 14K gold parts and beads are also available.

Cloisonné beads, like lampwork beads, are fruits of hard labor. Wire art work is soldered onto each bead and the space between is filled with layers of enamel and then polished.


9-mm Rosewood One-decade Rosary  

Image of Rosary S5RW11

One-decade Rosary Collection

For those who travel often and travel light, a one-decade rosary is a good companion on the road. Also, the small size is an advantage for a quick prayer at work without being noticed.


Rosaries for Special Occasions

We have also created galleries according to various occasions, such as Baptism and First Communion. Irish/Celtic rosaries with a Celtic crucifix and/or green beads are no doubt great gifts for an occasion like St. Patrick's Day.


Franciscan Crown Rosaries

Any of the rosaries featured on our website can be made as a Franciscan Crown rosary by simply adding two more decades. Or, if you prefer, we can also change the format of the bottom part (between the crucifix and the centerpiece) to:

---O---O-O---O---O---     instead of     ---O---O-O-O---O---

Simply mention that you want a Franciscan Crown rosary made in the comment section of the order form, or contact us about which type of rosary you want us to make into a Franciscan Crown rosary.


Examples and Gift Ideas

Here, we dedicate a page for some of the unique custom-made rosaries created upon our customers' requests. Along with the gift idea page, these two resources should assist you in creating your own unique rosaries.


Updated on November 3, 2018

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