Gift Ideas and Examples of Rosaries

The following are some of our suggestions for custom-designed/pre-designed rosaries as gifts. We will be glad to make a special rosary with your favorite combination of beads and parts. For your convenience, we sell rosary cases.

Oval Sterling Silver Bead Rosary

Image of Rosary R7SS5M


For Baptism gifts, we have a few rosaries with small beads featured in our collections (see rosary for Baptism page). We can also special-order other types of beads in 4-mm size. Of course, we do not think it's inappropriate to give a regular size rosary for this occasion.

Black onyx rosary

Image of Rosary R1FU5F

First Communion

If you prefer a traditional gift, a rosary with white beads such as freshwater pearl, mother of pearl or howlite can be made for girls and a rosary with black beads such as black onyx or black cocoa beads is a good choice for boys (see rosary for First Communion page). However, a rosary with his/her birthstone or birthstone-color beads makes an interesting gift. You can find a table of birthstones at the bottom of this page.

Cobalt cloisonne rosary

Image of Rosary R7CL73


We have had a large variety of rosaries requested for Confirmation gifts. One of the cloisonne rosaries will make a truly unique gift. Also a rosary bracelet with a Holy-Spirit pendant has been a popular request. One of our newest rosaries is made of Czech lampwork beads (find them in our glass bead rosary page). Each bead is hand-made by family businesses in the Czech Republic.

Mexican wedding rosary

Image of Rosary M4FA58


One idea we offer is to give a set of rosaries with the combination of their birthstone/birthstone-colored crystal to the couple. For example, a rosary for the bride would have her birthstone on the Hail Mary beads and the groom's birthstone on the Our Father beads. The rosary for the groom would have an opposite combination. You can find a table of birthstones at the bottom of this page. Of course, we can create traditional Mexican Wedding rosaries with any beads.

14K gold rosary

Image of Rosary R7EK7C

  Or, we can offer a 14K gold bead rosary like the one shown on the right.


Red glass heart rosary

Image of Rosary R4RH72

St. Valentine's Day

One of the top choices is definitely the 8-mm glass heart rosary as shown (find it in the 8-mm glass bead rosary page). We could also offer the glass heart rosaries in clear Aurora Borealis (AB) color. You might also consider red semi-precious bead rosaries such as a garnet rosary or a red jade rosary (see 6-mm semi-precious stone rosary page).

Green Shamrock rosary

Image of Rosary R4SH11

St. Patrick's Day

The Shamrock and the color green represent St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. We offer an 8x10-mm green Shamrock glass bead rosary like the one on the right (see Irish rosary page). You can also choose other green beads such as emerald Swarovski crystal (see 8-mm crystal rosary page), green jade (see 8-mm semi-precious stone rosary page) as alternative Irish/Celtic rosaries.

Birthstone-colored Crystal rosary

Image of Rosary R1MT5C

Mother's/Father's Day

We often get requests for very unique custom-designed heirloom rosaries for this occasion. One of them, which we think is a very nice idea, is that each decade consists of 10 different birthstone beads (or birthstone-colored crystal/glass beads) representing children, grandchildren and/or other family members plus a birthstone of his/her mother or father at the Our Father beads. Another example, like the one on the right, consists of 5 different birthstone colors for each decade. If you would like something like this to be made, please e-mail us with detailed information.

9-mm Rosewood rosary

Image of Rosary R5RW12


For religious Christmas gifts, any rosary you choose with your heart is a great gift. An elegant gift idea is a wire-wrapped freshwater pearl rosary (see freshwater pearl rosary page) for women or an exotic wood rosary (wood bead rosary page) for men.


8x10-mm Oval glass rosary

Image of Rosary R4TV12

For grandparents and great grandparents

Sooner or later, the long life we have enjoyed will slow us down and reduce our dexterity. It becomes harder to pray with a rosary made with small beads. We offer larger rosaries with 10 mm, 12 mm or even larger sizes for some of our bead choices like 8x10-mm glass rosary shown on the right. Please feel free to inquire and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Black Onyx Anglican rosary

Image of Rosary A2BO5W

For those of the Episcopal faith

In addition to our regular Catholic rosaries, we offer Anglican rosaries in several types of beads such as rosewood, aventurine, rose quartz, etc.(see Anglican rosary page).


Birthstone Reference List

Birth Month

Modern Birthstones





Rose Quartz*

Red Garnet











Rock Crystal*




Chrysoprase* or
Green Jade*



Pearl* or Moonstone*

Mother of Pearl* or
Snow Quartz*

Light Amethyst




Light Siam Ruby




Peridot, or Olivine



Lapis Lazuli* or
Blue Agate*



Opal or Tourmaline

or Rose Quartz*

Pink or Rose


Yellow Topaz or Citrine*


Yellow, or Topaz


Blue topaz or Turquoise*

Lapis Lazuli*

Light Sapphire,
Capri Blue, or
Blue Zircon

We can offer those marked with * in 6-mm round.

Updated on December 28, 2015