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Examples of Custom-made Rosaries

Here are some examples of custom rosaries we have created for our customers. You can certainly make your own special rosary like any of the rosaries pictured below. Your first step would be to try our custom rosary design page. Or, you can simply email us your idea and we'll work with you to design your custom rosary. All rosaries are made by us and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Image of Rosary A1AQ5C

Wire-wrapped 8-mm Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Anglican Rosary with 8-mm Cloisonne Cruciform Beads

The Anglican Rosary, used as an aid for contemplative prayer was established in the 1980s. A prayer group of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. introduced these prayer beads to keep the mind and body engaged and focused to better deepen contemplative prayer. Some people use prayers from the Morning and Evening Prayers of the Book of Common Prayer. Others use the Jesus Prayer, verses of the Bible, or other traditional prayers of the church. We recently created a custom Swarovski crystal Anglican rosary for a customer along with two rosary bracelets. If you would like to order a custom Anglican Rosary, please contact us.

"It is absolutely exquisite. The craftsmanship that is exhibited on each piece I have ordered from you all has been above and beyond any of my expectations. The time that was taken to ensure that I was happy with the piece was only surpassed by the quality of the piece itself. I have become a lifetime customer and will definitely be purchasing more for other friends and family members."



Image of Rosary R2QC5F

8-mm Crystal Quartz Rosary with capped Our Father Beads

A crystal quartz First Communion rosary made with extra heavy Sterling silver wire will last through the years. Many times, First Communion rosaries last only a few years before breaking! We use extra heavy wire or wire-wrapping for a life long rosary. To custom design your own First Communion rosary, please use the custom rosary design page. A 6-mm bead is recommended for wire-wrapping a First Communion rosary. Wire-wrapping with 6-mm beads creates a rosary of about 24 inches which is a standard rosary length. To view some of our pre-designed First Communion rosaries, please visit our First Communion rosary page.



Image of Rosary R1SA5S and click to view a larger image

Wire-wrapped 6-mm Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Rosary with capped 8-mm Our Father Beads and St. Anthony Centerpiece

We are often asked to create a rosary with a particular Saint's centerpiece. Here is one example with a St. Anthony centerpiece. Please let us know which Saint centerpiece you are interested in. You can either choose a centerpiece of a particular saint or attach a saint's medal to the rosary.



Image of Rosary R1BT5S and click to view a larger image

Wire-wrapped 6-mm Multi-colored Swarovski Crystal Rosary with 8-mm Our Father Beads

We created this multi-colored Swarovski crystal rosary for one of our customers who is presenting it to her future daughter-in-law for her wedding in the Spring. The Swarovski crystal beads represent the colors chosen for the wedding with lighter shades to suit a Spring theme.



Image of Rosary R7BP5C and click to view a larger image

Wire-wrapped 8-mm Black Freshwater Pearl Rosary with 12x15-mm Diamond Sterling Silver Our Father Beads

We created this rosary with beads supplied by one of our customers. Unique Sterling Silver Our Father beads give the clear separation of each decades both by the feel and look.



Image of Rosary R1MT5W and click to view a larger image

Wire-wrapped 6-mm Birthstone-colored Swarovski Crystal Rosary

We often get requests for a custom-designed birthstone rosary. One of our customers wanted one for her granddaughter as a heirloom rosary. Each bead on this rosary represents the birthday of one of her family members or godparents. Beads are linked with wire-wrapped Sterling silver wire and both centerpiece and crucifix are also Sterling silver. There are small caps on the Our Father beads.

"It is absolutely gorgeous!!! EXACTLY what I wanted. I cannot wait to get to NJ and give it to my new grand daughter!!! I love it!!! Thanks for all your help. When my next grandchild arrives I'll do the same thing and now I know you are exactly who I should work with."



Image of Venetian Glass Rosary and click to view a larger image

8-mm Venetian Glass Rosary

One of our customers had a Venetian glass necklace and bracelet and wanted us to make two rosaries out of them. The original necklace was strung with cord and small caps were on each side of 8-mm Venetian glass beads. The bracelet was made of 10-mm beads and linked with gold-colored wire. For one of the rosaries, we used beads from the necklace as Hail Mary beads and those from the bracelet as Our Father beads. The other rosary was made with all 8-mm beads, which is seen on the right. Original small caps were also used on all the beads. Wire used was gold-filled wire and Our Lady of Guadalupe centerpiece and the crucifix were gold-electroplated.

"The rosaries are as beautiful as I thought they would be. The size is fine. The rosary with the larger OF beads is my favorite. I can locate my relative position more easily. It also feels more comfortable than I expected. I am very pleased with my new rosaries. Thank you for your fine work."

NOTE: We now offer Venetian millefiori glass rosaries. Please visit the Venetian Glass Rosaries page.



Image of Wire-wrapped 8-mm Garnet Rosary with capped Our Father Beads and click to view a larger image

Wire-wrapped 8-mm Garnet Rosary with capped Our Father Beads -Birthstone Rosary for January -

This is one of the semi-precious birthstone rosaries we created recently. Garnet, the birthstone for January, has a very deep red color. Larger beads are deeper and darker than smaller beads. It is very difficult to take a good picture to show the deep red of these 8-mm garnet beads (we tried here, but were not as successful as we hoped). The quality of the stone used for beads, especially for the large beads, are not as excellent as what you will find on a ring, but they are still beautiful.

"Just a note to let you know that I received the 8mm garnet rosary and I think that it is absolutely beautiful! I know that my daughter will love it. Thank you very much for making it for me. I greatly appreciate it."



Image of Chaplet of St. Anthony with 6-mm Heart-shaped Red Jade Beads and click to view a larger image

Chaplet of St. Anthony with 6-mm Heart-shaped Red Jade Beads

This was a very unique request. The chaplet of St. Anthony consists of 13 sets of 3 beads with St. Anthony's medal at the end. Our customer had her heart set on heart-shaped red jade beads and we were able to find them. Wire used was gold-filled and the medal was gold-plated over Sterling silver.

"I love it. It is unique and beautiful......and the special feeling of jade is comforting. Thanks."



Image of Peace Chaplet with 8-mm White Czech Lampwork Glass Beads and Capped 8-mm Aventurine Bead and click to view a larger image

Peace Chaplet with 8-mm White Czech Lampwork Glass Beads and Capped 8-mm Aventurine Bead

The Peace chaplet, also called Peace Rosary or Worker's Rosary, consists of 7 sets of 3 beads with one extra bead between the crucifix and the loop (either with or without a centerpiece). This is a chaplet with an old tradition, a favorite among Croatians. The Apostles' Creed is said on the bottom bead and the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be are said on each of three beads and repeated 7 times.



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Updated on November 3, 2018

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